Sr. Jacqueline Marie Stoll, OP

Sr. Jacqueline Marie Stoll, OP

Sr. Jacqueline Marie Stoll, OP, who ministers at the University of New Mexico Medical Center in Albuquerque, made her Final Profession of Vows with the Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary, of Adrian, Michigan, during a special Liturgy held on December 3, 2011, at Holy Rosary Chapel, on the Congregation’s Motherhouse campus. Dominican Fr. Robert Kelly, OP, Motherhouse chaplain, presided.

Sharing this milestone event with Sister Jacqueline were her sister, Karen Kitchen; a friend, Deborah Markee; her witnesses, Sr. Geneal Kramer, OP, and Sr. Lorraine Reaume, OP; Adrian Dominican Sisters and Associates; and friends. Many who could not be present in Adrian witnessed the Profession on their computers through live-streaming technology.

Before professing her vows, Sr. Jackie stated her intent to “respond to God’s loving call and the deepest desire of my heart, which is to give myself completely to Christ for the rest of my life.” She asked for God’s help and guidance so that “my work, my life and my entire being may always and everywhere be a preaching of the Word of God until the day I die.”

Sr. Jackie professed her vows to God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Dominic, and Sr. Attracta Kelly, OP, Prioress, and Sr. Attracta’s lawful successors, until death. The vow statement was followed by the official signing of the profession papers and the blessing and presentation of Sr. Jackie’s ring, symbolic of her fidelity to Jesus Christ.

In her reflection, Sr. Lorraine contrasted the traditional waiting of the Advent Season to everyday waiting. “Advent waiting chooses to be present,” she said. “Advent waiting honors the time it takes for something special to happen,” she said. “I believe religious life is also a witness to Advent waiting. It’s a public statement that waiting on our God is worthwhile, so worthwhile and fulfilling, in fact, that we are willing to give our lives to it, as Jackie is doing this day….In a culture that values instant gratification, the vows say there is something deeper worth waiting for, something you might miss if you don’t learn to wait.”

A native of Akron, Ohio, Sr. Jackie received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Bowling Green State University; a master’s degree in psychiatric nursing from Boston College; a master’s degree in health care mission from Aquinas Institute of Theology; and post-graduate certification as an adult nurse practitioner through Columbia University in New York City. She entered the Adrian Dominican Congregation in 2004.

Before her current ministry at the University of New Mexico Medical Center, Sr. Jackie ministered for the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska, as coordinator of the archdiocesan Parish Nursing and Parish Health Ministry Program. Sr. Jackie also ministered as a nurse practitioner at the medical clinic at Francis Homeless Shelter, operated by Catholic Social Services of Anchorage. She received the Ruby Award from the Anchorage branch of Soroptimist International in recognition of her work to open and administer a similar clinic at Clare House, a shelter for women and children.


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