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 2013-2014 Seminarians

List of Archdiocese of Santa Fe Seminarians

Holy Apostles Seminary

33 Prospect Hill Road

Cromwell, CT 06416

(860) 632-3010

Rector: Very Rev. Douglas L. Mosey

Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
Joseph Archuleta 1st Year Pre-Theology 1/31 24 St. Thomas Aquinas
Nathan Lopez 1st Year Pre-Theology 11/16 24 Santa Maria de la Paz
John Kimani 1st Year Pre-Theology 10/30 33  
Christopher Martinez 1st Year Pre-Theology 9/9 32 St. Anthony – Questa
Jason Pettigrew 1st Year Pre-Theology 7/18 44 Our Lady of Guadalupe – Clovis
Tai Pham 1st Year Pre-Theology 4/9 31 Our Lady of LaVang
Robert Madrigal 2nd Year Pre-Theology 4/3 43 St. Anne
Robert Bustamante 1st Year Theology 3/17 50 St. Joseph of the Rio Grande
Ted Butler 1st Year Theology 1/23 53 St. Helen – Portales
John Paul Afuecheta 2nd Year Theology 8/6 30  
Joseph Van Tao Nguyen 3rd Year Theology 10/11 33  
Michael Garcia 3rd Year Theology 9/11 45 Sacred Heart
William Woytavich 3rd Year Theology 11/28 54 Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis
Rob Yaksich 3rd Year Theology 9/16 45 Our Lady of Annunciation
Benoit Trieu Van Vu 4th Year Theology 10/10 43  
Deacon Felipe Valadez Graduated *** On Pastoral Year 12/29 46 Our Lady of Guadalupe – Clovis


Holy Trinity Seminary

3131 Vince Hagen Drive

Irving, Texas 75062

(972) 438-2212

Rector: Rev. Msgr. Michael Olson

Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
Augustin Henderson 1st Year of College 2/17 18 San Jose
Darrell Segura 1st Year of College 2/26 19 St. Patricks-St. Josephs
Daniel Jaramillo 1st Year of College 8/25 21 Estancia Parish – Moritarity
Jordan Sanchez 2nd Year of College 8/1 20 San Ysidro
Timothy Meurer 3rd Year of College 3/22 23 St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph Baltz 3rd Year of College 3/30 20 St. Thomas Aquinas
Santiago Henderson 4th Year of College 6/27 21 San Jose


Mount Saint Mary’s

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road

Emmitsburg, MD 21727

(301) 447-5295

Rector: Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs


Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
James DeOreo 1st Year of Theology 3/27 23 San Ysidro
Mount Angel Seminary

One Abbey Drive

St. Benedict, Oregon 97373

(503) 845-3951

Rector: Very Rev. Joseph V. Betschart              

Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
Leon Vigil 3rd Year Theology *** On Pastoral Year 2/18 27 St. Anthony’s
Edgar Sanchez 3rd Year Theology 9/15 44 Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey
Deacon Dominic Pierson 4th Year Theology 6/1 34 Immaculate Conception


Pontifical College Josephinium

7625 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43235


Rector: Rev. Msgr. Christopher J. Schreck

Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
Brian Aerts 1st Year Pre-Theology 8/9 22 San Miguel Parish
Timothy Davis 2nd Year Pre-Theology 6/15 24 Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis
William Burke 2nd Year College 8/28 24 Immaculate Heart of Mary
Paul Chavez 4th Year College 7/1 21 St. Anthony’s
David Gallegos 4th Year College 7/15 21 Immaculate Conception
Ronald Mims 4th Year College 3/23 22 San Ysidro
Francisco Carbajal 1st Year Theology 1/20 30 Risen Savior
Christopher Hallada 1st Year Theology 11/7 34 Our Lady of Annunciation
Angelo Marquez 2nd Year Theology 7/12 23 Incarnation


Pontifical North American College

00120 Vatican City State



Rector: Rev. Msgr. James F. Checchio

Name Year of Study Birth Date Age Home Parish
Dylan Talley 1st Year of Theology 3/12 24 Our Lady of Fatima
Michael Niemczak 2nd Year of Theology 7/4 23 St. Thomas Aquinas
Christopher Bernabe 4th Year of Theology 11/3 30 Prince of Peace


Pre-Theology: 9

College: 11

Theology: 19

Total Seminarians: 39

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